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Multimedia Presentations are the most powerful and effective medium of communication.

A Multimedia presentation with its superior graphics and animation is guaranteed to look impressive to prespective clients.

A multimedia presentation has many sales uses besides being used by a face to face rep. It can excel as a standalone talking brochure or can be sent through a post in response to a sales inquiry or it can be handed to a customer champian as a sales support tool.

Multimedia Presentations can autoplay on exhibition stands, in foyers at seminars, in reception at your premises. By Contrast a multimedia presentation is a complete digital experience for the customer. It talka to them, visually excites them, it brings message to life with a animated pictures and text and appealing voiceover.

Our Multimedia Solutions

Our Multimedia Development Process

To deliver a world class multimedia product we have adopted the following process:

Research and Planning

First of all we collect requirements and details from client. After collecting all relevent information we determine the purpose and Identify the target audience.

Script Writing and Storyboarding

After research and planning we need to write down the script for narration. Then a storyboard will be created which will contain the details of presentation.


Acquiring and preparing media elements is the task for this stage. All sorts of media elements such as photographs, videos, voice-over etc. needs to be ready to move further.


In this stage we have now got all the media elements we want. We will integrate them together to make a multimedia presentation. We will need to use an authoring tool to create the presentation.


This is the last stage. Now we are ready to deliver the presentation in CD (exe format, which will play only on PCs), DVD (video format) and also for uploading in your website or youtube.