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In this global business world not all of your potential customer can come to your place, but surely your place can be in their reach in the form of corporate film.

Corporate film help an organisation to show their existense and strength to the business world.

For a potential customer from any part of the world, a corporate film can even replace time consuming and costly factory visit by giving them a film based tour.

In a corporate film you can show your facilities, technological capabilities, human resource in very impressive manner. A good film make you stand out from the crowd. in just a few minute you can show everything to your global market.

There are many kinds of films for different kind of purpose and target audiance. These are :

Corporate Profile Film

In a company profile video you can showcase your company’s history, infrastructure, technical
expertise, achievements, future plans.

Trade show exposition film

Captivate visitors at your trade show stall by using this kind of film.

Product / Service Launch Film

Product/Service launch film can be used to increase sales for a new launch or offers. These films
can demonstrate features and benefits of products or services.

Motivational Film

Boost up your employee’s confidence and dedication be it new joiners or old ones who need a little push.

Our Film Development Process

To deliver a world class multimedia product we have adopted the following process:

Pre Production

First of all a production schedule is prepared by us in which the shooting days are specified, equipment booked and a shooting script drafted. The shooting script outlines the schedule on the shooting days, specifies what will be filmed and where, and if there are any special requirements. After the shooting script has been finalised a detailed shot list will be drawn up for the shooting days.


The production refers to the shooting days. This is the point where all those best laid plans are fulfilled.

Post Production

The post-production phase of any project involves editing the captured footage (film), adding captions and graphics, music and sometimes other sounds before outputting the compilation.

Editing involves manipulating the clips in such a way that the message comes across most effectively. Here, music is added, captions and graphics devised, possibly additional sounds recorded and added and a voice over added if required.


This is the final process in the chain, where we deliver the complete film in DVD.